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The price of the translation includes translation of the text and review of the translation. Translating is done by a translator who is qualified for a specific topic, and the review of the translation is done by a native speaker or an excellent speaker of the target language.

For companies and agencies, We will send the invoice upon the completion of the translation services. The payment period is 10 days unless otherwise agreed. Individuals settle the invoice before the translation. The service can be settled through PayPal, Credit/Debit cards, or as usual with a payment slip. Translation services begin immediately after receiving the payment or the payment receipt sent to us via e-mail.

Usually, you need a certified translation if you translate documents such as diplomas, proofs of impunity, and marriage certificates required by your home or foreign offices (embassies, ministries, state offices, courts, insurance companies, medical institutions, schools, universities, etc.). Upon your request, We can provide you with certified signed and stamped documents “either soft or hard copies” with extra fee.

You can send us the text for translation via our website, by e-mail, regular mail, or by contacting us in person. We accept all types of documents and files, from computer files to paper documents.

We always do our best to make our customers satisfied and happy and, in the event of time constraints, we perform translations in a very short time. After submission of the request, we will send you an offer indicating the deadline for the completion of the project. However, the time required for the translation itself depends on several factors, including the complexity of the text, the number of translation materials, the language combinations, etc.


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Customers appreciate translators that provide accurate translations, especially for important documents or professional communications. Positive reviews often highlight the precision and reliability of the translations.
"LanguLink has become my go-to tool for exploring new languages. Its accurate translations and user-friendly interface make learning a joyous experience."
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“ I encounter diverse languages every day. LanguLink has been a lifesaver for me, helping me communicate effortlessly with people from all walks of life."
New York City, USA"
"LanguLink has been invaluable in Its fast translations and easy-to-use interface make it my go-to tool for communicating with colleagues and friends around the world.
Dubai, UAE
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